dinsdag 2 september 2008


hey there,
it's been a really long time ago since we wrote something on this blogspot. Meanwhile, a lot happened in our lives. The most important thing: we introduced ourselfs to the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen.

Day 1:

Arrival at the campsite. It was lovely weather, so we had a good time with our tent-neighbours. Our dinner: we didn't have dinner I guess.

Day 2:

Start of the festival. We've seen:

The Pigeon Detectives: Not the BIG start we expected, but it was fun with a beer
Off The Record: 4 Belgian guys making music just with their voices: really incredible
The Wombats: Stupid britpoppy music from Liverpool. Really bad!
Holy Fuck: Amazing good psychedelic music from Canada! Canada for the win!
The Ting Tings: Not what we expected, really boring.
The Kooks: As expected, nice show, with good music. Luke Pritchard at his best!
Late Of The Pier: A very good English starter for Infadels. Great party!
Infadels: Lovely music, lovely music to start the night with.

Day 3:

Already tired. We've seen:

Ane Brun: Just very short, sounded ok, but not incredible.
Laura Marling: What a beautiful sound. Great way to start the day!
Gem: Not so special Dutch pop/rocky music.
Blood Red Shoes: Great duo by a brother and sister. Rocked!
Franz Ferdinand: Incredible way to see the Franz Ferdinand heroes: First time, front row!
Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten and his men are too old. Stop playing music!!!
Boemklatsch: Great Dutch Dj-set. Big party!
Balkan-russen beats: Party the Balkan way!
Day 4:

We've seen:

Lucky Fonz III: Great Dutch surprise. Good starter!
Lykke Li: Quite good, not very interesting.
Black Mountain: Rocking psycho's!
Yeasayer: Psychedelic music from Brooklyn! Lovely!
MGMT: Didn't see much of it, because our friend was taken away from the festival by security for crowdsurfing!
Asakusa Jinta: Party the Japanese way!
dEUS: Just been there to wait for Editors
Editors: Perfection in it's best way.

Day 5:

We returned home, very tired, but with lots of great music experience!

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- 23-05-08: Concert Gem.

- 30-05-08 t/m 1-06-08: Pinkpop (festival)

- 02-06-08: Concert Patrick Watson.

- 04-06-08: Concert Black Mountain.

- 03-07-08 t/m 06-07-08: Rock Werchter (festival).

- 13-07-08: Jack Johnson + G. Love & special sauce.

- 15-08-08 t/m 17-08-08: Lowlands (festival).

- 30-08-08: De Beschaving (festival)

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