woensdag 12 maart 2008


These are lines from songs which are important to me, they really touched me.
The words will describe themselves why I've chosen them. Have fun!

- Tonight I lack the strength to even move,
when you walked, now watch me die.

Pilot Speed

- Can you please tell me how a woman can move you in so many ways?
Rust Richie Kotzen

- And we keep driving into the night, it's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye.
Late goodbye Poets of the fall

- And it feels like fear, like I'll disappear, gets so hard to steer yet I go on
Lift Poets of the fall

- Some place so high above this wall. I see my light come shining,
from the west unto the east.

I shall be released
Bob Dylan

Never felt so alone. Stripped naked and cold to the bone. Lost my faith being high on my own
With no queue by the door to my home.


I can't sleep when I think about the times we're living in,
I can't sleep when I think about the future I was born into,
Outsiders dressed up like Sunday morning,
With no Berlin wall what the hell you gonna do.


This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die.

Last goodbye
Jeff Buckley

Down on the road the world is floating by
The poor and undefended left behind.

Wide awake
Audioslave (written by Chris Cornell)

Tera Naam Loon Zubaan Say, Tere Aagay Sir Jhuka Doon.

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

So you pick up your asthma inhaler
and put it against your lips.

I am leaving you
Jens Lekman

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