dinsdag 11 maart 2008


Matthijs werd geboren op 15 april 1991 te Woerden. Al op vroege leeftijd kreeg hij interesse in muziek waar anderen niet naar luisterden. Voor Matthijs waren er Coldplay en John Mayer, waar er voor anderen Las Ketchup en 50 Cent waren. Tegenwoordig luistert hij afgezien van zijn nieuwe ontdekkingen graag naar Indie, Brit en naar Singer/ Songwriters. Hij speelt zelf ook gitaar en zingt.

Who's your favourite artist and why?
John Mayer. I bought a cd of him when I was 10. I never have regretted it. John Mayer actually introduced me to the real music.
John Mayer is one of the few artists who is able to represent America in music on a high level. America has known a period of high-quality music, with artists like Jimi Hendrix, but it was over for a while. John Mayer brings back this music.

2. What's your favourite band and why?
Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys brought back, with several other bands, the britpop period (Oasis, Blur). Every song hits you. It was really special that their first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not, sole better than the best sold Beatles-album ever. A typical example of bands nowadays, because Arctic Monkeys became famous by internet.

3. Which song makes you cry because of the beauty of it?
The Great Escape. This Patrick Watson' song contains beautiful piano and the voice of Patrick Watson makes the entire package complete.
Another song which is very beautiful is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.

4. Which song makes you cry because it's so poor?
Chelsea Dagger. It reminds me of the most stupid party in Holland: carnaval. Just like on carnaval, Chelsea Dagger is one of the most simple English songs in the history of music which you can only like when you have drunk a lot of beer.

5. What's your all time favourite song?
Blackbird. The Beatles made the introduction to the Pop-music. The lyrics of Blackbird are very deep and the guitar isn't misleading.

6. What's the best song ever written according to you?
For me it´s A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys. I do understand a lot of people won´t agree with me at this point, but the lyrics in A Certain Romance are very important to me. You have to look at yourself/ your friends first, before you argue at other people.

7. Which artist/ band will become big in 2008?
Hopefully Elvis Perkins will become big in 2008. He derserves that after a long period without any luck. Both of his parents died and he just makes beautiful music about it.

8. Which artists/bands are hot at the moment and which are not?
Hot: Vampire Weekend, Elvis Perkins, Patrick Watson
Not: The Wombats, Jack Peñate, Foo Fighters

9. Which band or artist do you want to see back on stage?
Lol, I would love to see the Beatles, but that's not possible. It's a good thing Crowded House came back but I really would love to see Led Zeppelin come back definently. Just one show in London isn't enough for me!

10. What's the best videoclip ever made?
Hard question, I'm not really a videoclip freak. I love the Seven Nation Army video of the White Stripes though.

11. What was your best concert ever?
Arctic Monkeys at Pinkpop 2007. There wasn't really interaction between Arctic Monkeys and the crowd but it was just amazing just to see them. Live they didn't miss a tone and they just look sooo cool!

12. Which artists/bands do you want to see live in your life?
I would love to see Coldplay and John Mayer, because I was grown up with them, but didn't have the chanche to see them yet.

13. What's the best live artist/ band according to you?
For me it's John Mayer. It's a personal thing, I know, but you can't denie John Mayer is just a brilliant muscician, also when he's on stage.

14. What will you do when you become famous?
I will give Tim the chanche to be my support act during my Europe-tour.

15. What will you do when you become rich?
If I become a millionair, I will donate 10 % to charity. Really, this isn't a joke. I just hate to see people in Africa without any chanches, having a fucked up life because of the European and American people. Please, think about it.

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